Saturday, December 26, 2009

AM Semester 1 start-up 10 days and counting

One small step for this year, one giant leap toward the rest of my life (over dramatic I know). I'm trying to learn how to move convincingly, there's a world of range in which I can fall from Tex Avery's slapstick style to National Geographic dry documentary. The second clip I am aiming for slightly angst, disinterested teenager being told he need so to do/change something. It's the feeling I want to avoid throughout my life. Why block myself off from learning more, growing, or accomplishing something; if I ever want those things sooner or later I will have to do/change something.

More soon, I'm trying a crouch to runcycle. It's winning so far. :{


  1. can tell your havin a blast! Oh how much fun skool was... ) youre gonna do some great things Dave

    hope your holdiays brought loads of cheer and best o luck in the up coming year! ( hey Im a poet with the rhymes!



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