Sunday, July 25, 2010

Part 1 of Jumpin' Janitor


Here is the latest shot from Animation Mentor-it's the first shot of a 3 part series. In each wanted part I to focus on a current animation weakness of mine; in part 1 I chose constraint setups and spine transitions. I feel my arcs are a lot better here, but that I can still do more to push the timing/spacing. There may be anther draft posted soon with lighting passes since the face doesn't read well currently.

An update on the AM classes. I finished the term with Dave Vallone-thanks a ton Dave, the feedback just got better and better.

I'm now working with Mike Walling who is currently with Dreamworks- his credits cover Blue Sky, Sony, and independent studios as well. His ability to clearly pinpoint areas for improvement has been invaluable, and he's got a great attitude for people of all skill levels/backgrounds.


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