Monday, August 30, 2010

Jumpin Janitor P3- 2nd blocking pass

Aloha world,

Here is the last and final shot in the Jumpin Janitor sequence. Moving this shot towards the finishline has been smoother than the last ones. I can't wait to get back to the first two shots and redo them. I have learned a ton in the process of these shots-the constraints for the mop three different ways and I still haven't found a favorite.

Anyway, this term is shaping up as a great one with mentor Mike Walling.


  1. look forward to seein this complete and together

    keep on keepin on David

  2. Call me crazy David, but I think you've got great elements going on in each of these animations.

    Here's what I picture... for what it's worth:

    Janitor dejectedly sweeping (two sweeps). Stops and looks up. Sees the sign. Leans in close, using his mop handle to bear his weight. A light goes on in his head. He throws the mop down, or away. And does the sprint to freedom, and the jump.

    May be too little too late, but thought I'd share my thoughts. Please post your final. I'm excited to see you moving forward with this. Keep me posted.



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